MIrreM closely collaborates with six other projects on irregular migration funded under the European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme under two calls.

The first set of projects focuses on living and working conditions of irregular migrants in Europe, while the second examines different aspects of return and readmission of irregular migrants. During its lifetime, MIrreM will engage in several joint activities with these other projects. More information on these can be found below.

Projects on Conditions of irregular migrants in Europe

Improving the living and labour conditions of irregularised migrant households in Europe (I-CLAIM) // April 2023-March 2026

I-Claim investigates the living and working conditions of irregularised migrant households in Europe from an intersectional perspective. It will develop the concept of irregularity assemblages to understand how migrants' irregularity is produced by the interplay of laws, policies and practice, welfare regimes, and political, media and public narrative. // Coordinators: Ilse van Liempt (Utrecht University) and Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Projects on Return and readmission of irregular migrants in the EU

De-centring the Study of Migrant Returns and Readmission Policies in Europe and Beyond (GAPs) // March 2023-February 2026

GAPs will explore the disconnects between expectations of return policies and their actual outcomes by decentering the dominant, one-sided understanding of "return policy making" by examining return infrastructures, migration diplomacy and migration trajectories with a focus on 13 countries in Europe, Africa and the broader Middle East. // Coordinators: Soner Bartholoma (Uppsala University) and Zeynep Mencütek (Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies)

Finding Agreement in Return (FAiR) // May 2023-April 2026

FAiR addresses the legitimacy deficits that plague policies on return and alternatives to return. It complements dominant rational choice perspectives by assessing the importance of norms, frames and shared meanings for intergovernmental cooperation on return, focusing on 5 non-EU+ (Georgia, Iraq, Niger, Nigeria, Turkey) and 5 EU states+ (Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Switzerland). // Coordinator: Arjen Leerkes (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Motivations, experiences and consequences of returns and readmissions policy: revealing and developing effective alternatives (MORE) // October 2023-September 2026

MORE problematises the focus on effectiveness of return. It explores perceptions of return and readmission policies amongst stakeholders as well as their consequences, explores alternative solutions and examines why certain ‘solutions’ are preferred over others. // Coordinator: Olga Jubany (University of Barcelona, Spain)

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